Best Waterproof Puppy Playpens

Best waterproof puppy playpens are multifunctional as they are readily useable indoors and outdoors. These playpens are made with materials that won’t allow wetness to leak outside, though will also keep your puppy dry inside if the ground outside is moist. Further benefits include high comfort and room so your pet can stretch and have a nap or waddle about while you get on with other things. It’s reassuring to know for owners that their puppy is safe in one location while your eyes are else where for a period of time.

The nuances we’ll also cover with best waterproof puppy playpens are: handy pockets for treats, brushes or other small doggy items; playpens with hooks for more stability on beaches and lawns, added dog bowls, tough materials like Oxford canvass, to name a few. Read until the end to see which playpens are tail waggingly good and which are the dog’s dinner … if any. Firstly, lets looks at…

Why is a Waterproof Puppy Playpen A Great Idea?

Safe for indoors

Although some people may use crates to restrict their puppies inside the house, they can be quite uncomfortable as the puppies do not have enough space to move around. But waterproof puppy playpens are wide and high and comfy so that your puppy will move freely and have enough breathable space. The waterproof floors and sides ensure your puppy’s waste won’t seep out and wetness won’t seep in making your pup uncomfortable.

Safe For Outdoors

If you want to leave your puppy outdoors for a while, maybe playing or as you do your house chores, a puppy playpen will offer enough space to keep the puppy comfortable. Leave food, water, and toys inside so the puppy will be merrily distracted.

To Secure Your dog

As much as it is good to leave the dogs out so they can move around and play, some take advantage of roaming to stick their noses where they don’t belong at the neighbors or even going out of the home grounds. But, a playpen gives the puppy enough space to roam while securing it in one place.

What Should you Consider When Buying a Waterproof Puppy Playpen?

The Size of the Pen

Best waterproof, puppy playpens come in different sizes, so you need to consider the size of the space you have to before buying the playpen to ensure it will fit well. The best thing to do is measure the area you find convenient to install the puppy playpen and then use those measurements to buy the right size of a playpen.

Make sure your puppy is no larger than about 12 pounds for a puppy size waterproof playpen. At that size they will have ample space to waddle about, sleep at full length and play.

The Design of the Playpen

The best waterproof puppy playpens have different appealing nuances, though all will share a common trait: robustness, easy to assemble and comfort. Popular nuances include storage pockets, Oxford waterproof canvass, bowl holders, shade flaps, velcro doors, carry bags, and waterproof floors.

Best Waterproof Puppy Playpens

1. Zampa Puppy Pop Up Extra Small – Portable Playpen

This is a great playpen for you if you like keeping tabs on their pets, knowing your diminuative puppy is safe and can play while you get on with household chores . This pen measures 29 “x29″ x17” which is perfect size for puppies while ensuring you don’t take up much space in the sitting room. The frames are coated with metals that stabilize the playpen so the puppies do not knock it down.

Zampa Puppy Pop Up Extra Small 29"x29"x17" Playpen
Pink Zampa Puppy Pop Up Extra Small 29″x29″x17″ Playpen

Soft but strong should be the axiom for this playpen. The canvas materials used to enclose the playpen are nicely waterproof so this is a playpen you can set up at the beach or on wet surfaces and if puppy makes a small mess it won’t leak on the carpet. 8 side pockets will let you store treats, doggy tools and wet wipes. With tough stitching your dog won’t be able to chew up its new playpen. Two velcro doors can easily be fixed to the side when you want your pet to come and go.

Best Waterproof Puppy Playpens
Best Waterproof Puppy Playpens

We tested it with an 11lb labrador who urinated on one side. The mess did not penetrate the fabric and was easily wiped away while the big pup was comfy and secure inside. You could easily fit a waterproof lay mat inside this pen and is probably adviseable for extra comfort.


  • The playpen comes fully assembled
  • This playpen is attractive in pink, brown, blue or red and is breathable
  • The sturdy playpen can be hosed down
  • This playpen comes with an attractive carrying bag
  • The playpen is safe for indoor and outdoor use


  • Cats are a bit more clever at ripping the netting than dogs so I would keep this pen for dogs only.

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2. Ruff’ N Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen

This eye catching playpen looks the business and backs up its good looks with a handy travel, foldable dog bowl and carry case. Coming in 3 sizes from 29 x 29″, 36 x 36″ and 48 x 48″ you get a well made and well-seamed puppy playpen, but it also comes with a carrying bag to comfortably go with your puppy wherever you go to.

Best Waterproof Puppy Playpens
Best Waterproof Puppy Playpens

A handy roof with zipper can come off offering your dog more air if you’re indoors. Keep it on if you don’t want it getting out while outdoors. In terms of materials construction, this playpen is made of ultra durable 600 d Nylon that is water repellant. So, if the dog messes on the corners or you set the playpen in wet areas, the hansome Ruff’n Ruffus won’t get damaged.

Ruff' N Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen - Pops Up Easily
Ruff’ N Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen – Pops Up Easily


  • The playpens have protected seams and reinforced corners
  • The Ruff’n Ruffus can be folded into a flat
  • The playpen is easy to access with the zipper doors
  • It is strong to secure a heavy dog with 50 pounds.


If your puppy is aggressive and has long nails it is possible to fray the door so keepy your dog’s nails clipped and put a toy inside to keep it happy.

Best Waterproof Puppy Playpens
Best Waterproof Puppy Playpens

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3. VATO White Transformable Playpen Panels

Create a small playhouse for your puppy indoors or outdoors with this cute, convertible playpen. It is a multifunctional kit that can be used as a gate, cage, and playpen for your puppy. Ingeniously you can transform this plastic apparautus into a stair way gate to keep your pooch from wandering upstairs. The playpen comes in 10 pieces that are easy to connect by following the simple instructions. With two feeding bowl add ons VAT seem to have thought of everything. However the one down side is that puppy I am sure would prefer to land head first on soft nylon if its rumbustious.

Best Waterproof Puppy Playpens
Best Waterproof Puppy Playpens

The playpen has a door for easy access in and out for your pet, and the top area is open, so you can feed and pet your puppy through the top opening. This playpen comes with a waterproof mat, so if your pet soils, it will not reach the floor of your house. Of white plastic, its completely waterproof though its adviseable to put some cosy blankets and a lay mat inside for comfort. The waterproof fabric included: base and top cover work well to protect the floors.

Easy Assembly - VATO White Transformable Playpen Panels
Easy Assembly – VATO White Transformable Playpen Panels


  • This playpen can be used indoors and outdoors
  • It can be used in three ways – best for dogs under 40 Lbs
  • Buld the play pen as high as 108 inches
  • Assembling it is easy with no tools


  • Shame its not a foot taller

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4. Pawaboo Small Animals Playpen

Aesthetically, the Pawaboo is an attractive pen and with multiple see through mesh parts, you can clearly see what your pet is up to inside and it can feel relaxed as it watches the world outside. The playpen measures 52.36 x 25.59 x 14.96 inches, enough to fit up to 3 puppies. The mesh material on the side guarantees your pets have enough natural light and are not fully enclosed to enjoy the outdoors.

Waterproof Play pen
Waterproof Play pen

A decent feature about this puppy playpen is its zipper enclosure on top, so you can leave your puppies outdoors to carry on with your chores in the house. The playpen comes with a 90T Waterproof Polyester Taffeta mat that is resistant to leakage if your pet mess. Cleverly, the while thing folds down to a small ball so it can fit into the handy nylon carry bag with handle. The zipper opening on the top works seamlessly while the whole pen feels sturdy.


  • This puppy playpen is larger than others in its category: 52″ x 15″/133cm x 38cm
  • Setting it up is simple – it springs up ready built
  • Cleaning it is easy with soap, water and a cloth
  • Poop easily comes off the bottom of the playpen


  • Getting the Pawaboo neatly back into the bag takes a little practice

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5. Hepeeng Portable Foldable Pet Playpen

Traveling to outdoor areas like camping or the beach can be overwhelming and difficult with a puppy as you may not have enough time to look after it. But, this puppy playpen is designed to make your work easier with the puppy. And it delivers with aplomb with useful pockets at waist height around the roof where yoi canstore treats, brushes, wet wipes or any small useful items.

The playpen has a zipper enclosure style on the sides and the top to secure the puppy in the same space. The entire unit measures 36 “x36″ x23”, medium size to fit a puppy. The sides of this playpen have mesh material that allow good airflow for the breathability of the puppy. Also, it features thick 600 Denier Oxford cloth which protects from water damage while increasing breathability. Re enforced corners stop the dog from ripping the pen. Easily washable, the Hepeeng is easy to maintain even with the messiest puppy.

Best Waterproof Puppy Playpens - Hepeeng
Best Waterproof Puppy Playpens – Hepeeng

Coming with a convenient adjustable travel bowl and carry case, the Hepeeng is useful and well designed for trips to the great outdoors and being waterproof that includes beaches or river banks.


  • This puppy playpen is portable
  • Does not require any assembling
  • It can be sued for indoors and outdoors
  • The playpen isbreathable for the safety of the puppy


  • It only comes in brown or pink (if that is an issue).

Check out the great price we found on Amazon (we may get a small commission for purchases)

6. Amazon Basics Portable Soft Pet Dog Travel Playpen

The comfort and safety of the puppy are guaranteed with this playpen due to its ever so comfy Oxford canvass. It has velcro closures so that you can opt to half open the entrance for the puppy to access easily. The playpen has free space for your puppy to lounge and play around being 45 x 45 x 24 inches.

Best Waterproof Puppy Playpens
Best Waterproof Puppy Playpens

This puppy playpen has pouches to hold your dog’s treats or playing toys. 4 useful metal spikes are added should you need extra support and buty them ina lawn. It is convenient to travel with since it folds to a small size when packing, and it is also light at 6.3 pounds.


  • This playpen is easy to maintain by spot cleaning
  • It has mesh windows for airflow
  • The playpen also offers storage spaces for your pet items
  • It has velcro and zipper closure styles
  • The playpen is made with strong and durable canvass


  • Some people complain about zippers needing replacing.

7. Rarasy Pet Playpen

Coming in 9 fun colors the Rarasy is a multifunctional playpen that your puppy can lounge in, play in, or relax outdoors or inside while giving Mom or Dad a break. Helping to keep the puppy in one place without restricting its movements, the playpen measures 45″ x 45″ x 23″ which is a perfect size for most puppies. The playpen is super light in weight at only 2.2 pounds which makes transportation easy. The playpen has a popup design so that no fiddly assembling is required to set it up. The fruity puppy play pen is usefully waterproof; clad in smart 600 Denier Oxford cloth your carpets won’t get wet any time soon.


  • This playpen folds easily to store and carry
  • The playpen is light at 2.2 LBs
  • Rarasy does not require any assembling to set up
  • Fruity fun colors
  • Set it on grass, carpet or sand.


  • No so robust as on this list medium sized dogs can knock it over.


Best waterproof puppy playpens come in handy when traveling with your puppies or when you need some ‘ME’ time. The best playpens will also be highly portable so you can visit the great outdoors and keep your pet safely tucked away in its own space. The key is comfort and security. Oxford canvass is a good fabric for waterproofing so unwanted liquids won’t seep onto your carpet. Conversely unwanted liquids at a beach or river bank won’t dampen your dog.

The Ruff’ N Ruffus comes with a good reputation and if you like great extras like portable travel bowls and a stylish look, plus great shade and security their violet colored puppy playpen is a good choice.

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