10 Best Commercial Dog Play Kennels

Most dogs love to spend some time outdoors, but they need a means to be confined and protected from risks. An outdoor dog kennel is a great choice if you don’t have a fenced-in yard or an electric fence. Your dog may enjoy the benefits of playing outside in the sunshine and fresh air while remaining safe and secure in a kennel. Remember that keeping your dog safe outside also entails protecting them from the sun, especially if you live somewhere where the sun shines all year. Plus in colder climes, kennels should protect from wind and rain Read to the end to see which kennels for securing your dog while keeping him or her comfortable are best of show and which made us yelp with dissatisfaction – if any.

1. The North States Mypet Petyard Passage

The North States is a secure, movable confinement room with an individual pet swinging door. The eight-panel Petyard Passage is homely brown in color and is 26″ high allowing tall pet confinement.

10 Best Commercial Dog Play Kennels
10 Best Commercial Dog Play Kennels

The 9.5″ x 8″ door swings open effortlessly, enabling your pet to enter and leave whenever they want. Do you want to keep your pet under control? It’s no issue. The little door is also lockable for security, giving you peace of mind. It’s ideal for families with puppies or a handfull of dogs.

A small downside is though it isn’t very difficult for an adult to open and close the pen by disconnecting and reconnecting a panel, it could be more convenient.

This attractive pen transforms any space into a unique location for your pet. Set up all 8 panels outside for a 34.4-square-foot safe workout space. The weather-resistant panels are simple to clean with water and mild soap. When used indoors, there’s no need to be concerned about your floors. It includes skid-resistant pads to keep the panels from scratching and skidding on any surface in your houses, such as carpet, tiles, or wood. I liked the cappuccino color.


  • Portable
  • Easily Packed away
  • Great for puppies
  • No Skid Marks


  • Opening and closing could be quicker
10 Best Commercial Dog Play Kennels
10 Best Commercial Dog Play Kennels

2. Pet Trex Foldable Metal Pet Exercise Playpen

Petmaker’s portable Pet Playpen keeps your pet secure and happy at home or on the road. This robust playpen is a terrific alternative to the typical kennel, and it’s excellent for safely keeping your dogs, cats, or other pets under 25 pounds while providing them the freedom to move and play. Please note a bigger dog could push the pen around.

Pet Trex Foldable Metal Pet Exercise Playpen
Pet Trex Foldable Metal Pet Exercise Playpen

The 8 panels may be arranged in a number of ways, and the safe double latch entrance can be used as a quick entrance and exit. The puppy kennel folds flat and is readily portable for storage and travel. This pet fence is a must-have for any pet owner!

These high-end exercise pens are made of strong gauge wire and have all of the bells and whistles seen in devices costing three times as much. The 2300 Series Exercise Playpens can be set up indoors in minutes without tools. You can fold it for convenient storage or transportation to a different place. The set-up includes 8 panels which are designed for a variety of pets. Our most recent design has a new ‘Doggie Door’ feature that allows you to swiftly enter and exit the enclosure.

Pet Trex Foldable Metal Pet Exercise Playpen
Pet Trex Foldable Metal Pet Exercise Playpen

3. Heavy Duty Dog Playpen Kennel-LEMKA Pet Puppy Indoor & Outdoor Exercise Playpen

The Lemka is a heavy-duty steel frame box kennel that’s ideal for home or business use. Its adaptable modular form makes it ideal for usage in compact places such as offices, flats, patios, and decks. LEMKA workout pen has a useful water-resistant coating and a long-lasting black e-coat finish protects against harsh weather like sun, snow, and dirt. UV protection keeps the fabric from tearing, cracking, yellowing, or peeling, ensuring years of worry-free use and helps keep your favorite pet dry.

It may be folded flat for easy storage and is simple to put together with no tools necessary. It boasts a one-of-a-kind user-friendly locking system, and metal tubes are positioned vertically to keep your pet from climbing out of the play yard.

10 Best Commercial Dog Play Kennels
10 Best Commercial Dog Play Kennels

4. Ultima Pro (Professional Series & Most Durable MidWest Dog Crate)

The MidWest Ultima Pro Two Door Folding Crate offers your dog the finest in durability, functionality, and security. Ultima Pro has professional gauge steel construction and two doors for convenient access to your pet, making it the strongest and most durable dog crate in the Midwest. Two doors also provide us with more flexibility in terms of positioning in your home or automobile.

The Ultima Pro sets up quickly and effortlessly with a fold-and-carry configuration that can be performed by nearly anybody without the need for tools. Ultima Pro is fitted with a detachable plastic pan for simple cleaning in the case of an accident, and plastic carrying handles to gently transfer the foldable dog crate from one spot to another, rubber feet to protect your flooring and safe and secure slide-bolt closures.

Unlike the flimsier plastic pans offered with lower versions, its bottom pan will not give in to claws and will not be forced out by paws. It folds up into a tight briefcase-style rectangle with firm clip-on handles, and it won’t come undone in a clatter if you grasp the incorrect portion. Even if you are confident that your dog does not suffer from separation anxiety and will not attempt to escape from a crate, the Ultima Pro is a wise investment in a secure environment for your dog and future canines. In short: a simple yet trustworthy design.

10 Best Commercial Dog Play Kennels
10 Best Commercial Dog Play Kennels

5. ALEKO Expandable Heavy Duty Dog Kennel and Playpen Kit

It includes a door lock that keeps your pet safe and secure in the playpen while enabling simple access for the owners; the low entry point of the door frame allows pets to move freely, reducing the need to bend over and pick up your pet.

The panels include expandable panels that can fit a wide range of pets. In the big play area, let your dogs, cats, hens, rabbits, goats, or piglets run about! There is 12 gauge mesh that is welded to a 1-inch frame in each panel. A little more robust than others on this list, bolted brackets eensure strength and arenn’t hard to fit together. This kennel’s rust-resistant, powder-coated galvanized steel design is ideal for long-term outdoor or indoor use and will stop any risk or bites.

You can find the panels included in this full kit, so you can simply make any size and shape kennel to meet your dogs’ needs. Consequently, you can purchase more kennel kits for extra panels to extend your kennel or fit your unique area.

This kennel is robust enough to keep your pet safe while being open enough for your pet to feel comfortable. This high-duty kennel is composed of corrosion-resistant powder-coated galvanized steel and is built to last.

ALEKO Expandable Heavy Duty Dog Kennel and Playpen Kit
ALEKO Expandable Heavy Duty Dog Kennel and Playpen Kit

6. Advantek Pet Gazebo Outdoor Metal Dog Kennel

It is ideal for dogs and cats weighing up to 100 pounds. The 5-inch height provides just enough protection from the sun and heat for your pet. The classic gazebo is ideal for on-the-go use because it is lightweight and portable. The dimensions of Advantek Pet Gazebo are 60 x 60 x 60 inches.

Give your dog the outdoor lifestyle he or she deserves. The dog will be safe from the weather while reclining in elegance with the 5′ Pet Gazebo. The gazebo has a distinctive 60-inch x 60-inch x 60-inch octagonal design and is made of a solid steel structure with Advantek’s trademarked AztekGold durable coating powder-coated on it. The kennel is simple and quick to assemble, taking less than 10 minutes and requiring no equipment.

7. Amazon Basics Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate Kennel

The crate has a robust yet lightweight PVC structure that keeps its form, as well as durable polyester fabric and ventilated mesh fabric windows. The front door of the container may be unzipped and folded up. Top loading is possible thanks to a second door on the top. The doors are kept shut by zip fasteners.

If your dog isn’t interested in escaping his cage, a soft-sided alternative, such as this one, with a PVC frame covered in polyester fabric, is a good option. The soft-sided box pops up in seconds and has mesh windows on three sides, as well as two doors on the front and top. Many reviewers use the soft dog crate for camping, vacation, and everyday use, and its size ranges from 21 to 42 inches.

10 Best Commercial Dog Play Kennels
10 Best Commercial Dog Play Kennels

8. BestPet Large Dog Kennel Dog Crate Cage

The assembly of this kennel does not necessitate the use of any tools. Set-up and installation are a snap thanks to the modular welded wire panel design and connecting hardware.

The kennel’s gate swings open effortlessly, allowing for simple access and escape. The latch on the gate locks it firmly and can be locked with any standard padlock. Allow your dog to rest outside in the fresh air while you run your errands instead of keeping him or her locked up inside all day. Don’t worry about your dog getting out of the yard since our kennel will keep him contained while also offering enough space to be comfortable.

It has a waterproof tarp to keep your dog safe in the rain, storm, or shine. It’s one of the better value alternatives for the size at $230. Though they confess that putting it together takes some effort, the final result is a substantial and durable kennel that will survive the test of time.

9. Lucky Dog Stay Series Studio Jr. Kennel

It is a full box kennel that is ideal for both home and business use. To avoid sharp edges that might damage your pet, steel bars and wire mesh are welded before being coated.

Your canine companion needs his own space where he may be protected from the weather while still feeling secure. Give them the Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel, and watch their tails wag even more! This kennel is composed of heavy-duty steel to ensure that it remains the ideal home for your pet for many years. Under the completely enclosed waterproof tarp cover, a man’s best friend may keep dry and cool. Pre-assembled panels save set-up time, allowing you to spend more time with your furry buddy. Simply wash off the floor or brush everything up beneath the 1.5-inch elevated legs to clean up.

It has a modular, durable, and simple DIY design, so you can set it up in minutes the way you choose. With a heavy-duty, snug-fitting waterproof cover, pups are protected from the elements and escape. It’s built of commercial-grade steel and has completely welded connections and no sharp edges, making it durable, safe, and strong.

10. Susupet Dog Playpen Plastic

This Is The Perfect Pet Fence For Small Animals Of All Kinds. You may put together a playpen of various sizes and shapes. It has a modular construction and allows for free combination, allowing you to alter the playpen’s size and height to fit the size of the site and the pet. It has a maximum capacity of 20 square feet for small animals. You may give a larger venue or cage for your pet if you acquire more than one.

All of the plastic panels are made of non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials that will not harm your pet. Because of its innovative design, it is durable, washable, and portable. When not in use, its independent panels are easy to store and transport.

In Conclusion

Nuances such as ease of assembly, material durability and practical use have been considered in this list of 10 best commercial dog play kennels. The North States Mypet Petyard Passage is great for the home with its door that can allow pups to pass through and allow you to lock it when needed.

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