Ways Owning a Dog Will Change Your Life

Ways owning a dog will change your life can be very positive from giving you a sense of responsibility, a new companion, helping ease loneliness and depression and encouraging you to exercise more. However, it should be noted that owning a dog will need work from cleaning up mess, new investments in vet fees, and time put aside to go for walks and training said pup.

Not only do dogs help with loneliness or being home alone after school or work, but dogs also provide companionship in old age; studies have shown that people who own dogs live longer. Dogs also boost our happiness by lowering stress and anxiety levels which is probably why petting an animal isn’t just good for its health but ours too. Lets discover why owning a dog makes you feel like a dog with two tails and the reasons why you may be barking mad to own a dog – if any.

Dogs are the Best Kind of Friend

Dogs are incredibly loyal and loving animals. They’ll be there for you through thick and thin, and won’t care about the money you make or how many friends you have. Dogs don’t judge or criticize and will always give you honest and constructive feedback. If you want to go on a run or a hike, dogs are always eager to go with you.

If you like to read, having a dog help you will not only provide you with a good company but also a reason to buy a book end table or two. Dogs are the best kind of friend because they’re there for you when you need them and can’t go out to see your other friends. Dogs will also give you unconditional love no matter what kind of day you have.

Dogs can Help You get Fit

A dog will change your life where exercise is concerned. Dogs are one of the best ways to get fit and stay fit. Walking your dog is one of the best ways to get your heart rate up and work on your cardio, while also helping your dog with their daily walks. Playing fetch with your dog can also help you strengthen your arm muscles and help you with throwing techniques. Having a dog will give you a good reason to go out and exercise, and will also provide you with a reason to clean up after your dog so you don’t get a fine for not picking up after your pet.

Dogs are a Great way to Socialize

A dog will change your life when it comes to meeting others. If you’re an introvert who loves their solitude and quiet, having a dog can help you socialize and make friends with other pet owners. Owning a dog will give you a reason to go out to walk your dog, which in turn makes you meet other pet owners and friendly people.

Dogs make great icebreakers, so if you’re shy to walk up to other people, just have your dog with you and you’ll have something to talk about. Similarly, having a dog can help you socialize with your friends and family too. If you have children and are worried about how they’ll handle or care for a dog, getting a dog is a great way to socialize and teach your children empathy to living creatures.

Quote of The Day

“A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down.” – Robert Benchley (newspaper columnist)

Dogs can Help you Feel Less Lonely

If you’re feeling lonely or depressed and having a hard time finding friends in your neighborhood, having a dog can help you make friends with people in your neighborhood. Dogs are a great icebreaker for making new friends and people will always want to come over to play with your dog.

Having a dog can help you feel less lonely and more confident in yourself. Dogs are very social animals and like to play with other dogs and you. They respond to your petting and food gifts with warm eyes and a wagging tail in turn making you feel a sense of well being.

Friendly Dog Desperate for a Stroke

Dogs can be Educational for Children

Children love dogs and dogs love children. Many dogs will love to play with young children and will be willing to put up with the occasional scratch or bite while they’re playing. Having a dog around while your children are growing up will help them learn responsibility and compassion. If you have young children, you can even start training your dog so that your children can learn how to be responsible pet owners from a young age.

You Will Be Saving a Dog By Giving it a Home

By adopting a dog from a shelter you’ll be in affect saving that dog’s life and will benefit from that dog’s eternal gratefulness from that moment on and feelings of doing a selfless act and will have a new vocation in life, namely protecting the interests of your new furry friend.

Many dogs end up in animal shelters as a result of no fault of their own. Some dogs were purchased as puppies and their owners just didn’t want them anymore. Some dogs were bred in puppy mills and were never wanted in the first place. Others were involved in accidents or were found wandering the streets. There are many good organizations that save dogs from shelters and place them into new homes. You can find a rescue dog that has all the qualities you want in a dog but doesn’t have the health issues that come with breeding. You can also find dogs whose owners couldn’t keep them anymore but aren’t a good fit for other shelters.

If you want to save a dog from a shelter, you can find a dog that has all the qualities you want in a dog but doesn’t have the health issues that come with breeding. You can also find dogs whose owners couldn’t keep them anymore but aren’t a good fit for other shelters. As with a rescue dog, you will want to make sure you are getting a good match. Before you commit to a dog, visit the shelter and get to know the dogs there. Choose a dog that fits you the best.

Dogs Are Cuddle Partners

A dog will change your life when it comes to affection. Cuddling with a dog is one of the most relaxing and comforting experiences you can have as an adult. Dogs are excellent cuddle buddies because they don’t judge, they simply love you no matter what. They’ll always be there for you, no matter how weird your hat looks or how much you accidentally squish them when falling asleep. Dogs are also great friends to keep around when you’re feeling lonely.

Dogs Are Cuddle Partners
Dogs Are Cuddle Partners

Their loyalty and unconditional love makes them excellent companions in times of need. If you aren’t fortunate enough to own your own canine chum yet, then here are some benefits of cuddling with dogs that will make you feel better about taking the leap.

Disclaimer: Before buying a puppy there are numerous considerations to make despite the apparent benefits. Cleaning factors, regular exercise come wind or rain, costs of pets, vaccinations, food offer challenges for any potential dog owner…watch this expert’s video.

Things to Know Before Buying a Puppy

Dogs are excellent stress relievers. No matter how much work you have or how much anxiety you’re feeling, you can always rely on your dog to help you get through it by simply being company and affectionate. And, if you have a dog, they’re also a great way to help your roommate, significant other, or co-workers deal with their stress too.

Dogs can sense our emotions and respond to them in ways that make us feel better. When we’re feeling stressed or anxious, dogs can sense this and respond by snuggling us, licking us, or curling up next to us. This helps us feel relaxed and helps us deal with our stress better.

Dogs are great huggers, and they never have to ask if it’s okay to do it. The best thing about dogs as cuddle buddies is that you can squeeze them warmly and they will never say no. This is great for people who get anxiety about hugging other humans, as well as those who simply don’t want to worry about other people’s feelings.

Hugging dogs is a great way to relieve anxiety and calm yourself when you’re feeling stressed or upset. It’s also a great way to help boost your mood. Hugging is proven to increase oxytocin in your body, which is a hormone that helps you feel less stressed and more relaxed.

Dogs Can be Your Personal Security System

Dogs are man’s best friend, and they can be an excellent guard pet. A survey shows that people who own dogs feel safer than those who don’t. Dogs have an excellent sense of smell. They can recognize intruders and alert their owners about them in time. People with house dogs often report feeling safer at home. Intruders are more likely to think twice about entering a property if there is a dog barking inside the premises.

Ways Owning a Dog Will Change Your Life
Ways Owning a Dog Will Change Your Life

Dogs Can Help you Fall Asleep

Dogs are great cuddle buddies and help you fall asleep, lowering your heart rate and keeping you warm. If you snuggle your dog while you’re trying to fall asleep, they’ll emit a calming affect that will help you feel relaxed and fall asleep faster.

You can always help your dog relax at night by putting a weighted blanket on their bed or giving them a belly rub and in turn the feeling of a warm heartbeat near you and the sense of an affectionate warm body next to your’s can help you calm down and hopefully fall asleep better and quicker.

In Conclusion – Ways Owning a Dog Will Change Your Life

Dogs are lovable, loyal and protective companions but please remember dogs are for life. Owning a dog involves significant time and financial commitment. They require homes with fenced yards so they can remain safe from dangers when left unattended. For some people, owning a dog is an essential part of their life. For others, it is just not for them.

Benefits felt by some dog owners are manifold and inherently important: dogs can be great companions and help with depression and loneliness plus dogs are excellent alarm systems. If anybody breaks into your home or if somebody is trespassing, dogs are likely to bark. This can alert you about the intrusion and give you enough time to react accordingly.

They’re always there for you and don’t expect anything in return. Fido can be a great listener (tongue in cheek) and can help you begin to think of solutions to your problems. They’re wonderful cuddle buddies if you’re feeling lonely, weary or cold. They don’t care if you’re angry, sad or grumpy, they’ll unconditionally cuddle you and make you feel appreciated. If you have a dog, you have a long term companion who will love you no matter what and try to look after your interests like you look after theirs.

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  1. You’re spot on. I adopted an old retriever and the time shared between us before he unfortunately died of old age, was some of the best times for getting me out and seeing more of nature and meeting people in my village

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