7 Weird Things Dogs Do When They Poop

If there’s one thing that all dog owners will come to understand, it’s that dogs can do every day activities in a very peculiar way. From eating grass to licking their private parts, dogs have their own ritual when doing anything from drinking water to pooping. Some of this behavior stems from their wild forebears and some in no more weird than signaling their trust in you, the owner. 7 weird things dogs do when they poop uncovers dog habits that may not be so weird after all.

If your dog has been eating normally, drinking water and using the bathroom regularly, but suddenly becomes frantic and fidgety, she could be feeling the need to poop. In addition to these signs, your dog may also start to put her tail between her legs, or curl her tail to the side. This is a sign that your dog is feeling anxious, just like when a dog tucks his tail between his legs when he’s frightened.

Dogs may also roll in the grass or start scratching at the ground. Although this could be a sign that your dog is trying to bury something, more often than not, it’s a sign that she needs to poop, especially if she takes an unusually long time to do so.

Dogs are also known for having obsessive habits, that have been handed down from generation to generation. Once you get to know your dog better, you’ll realize that they have special quirks that are common among canines. If you ask anyone who has had a dog about the weird things dogs do when they poop, it may vary from dog to dog, though most seemingly weird behavior are survival traits common across the species. Read until the end to discover 7 weird things dogs do when they poop and discover if they’re weird or if “Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”

7 Weird Things Dogs Do When They Poop

1. Dogs Sometimes Shake When Pooping

When dogs shake, we normally associate it with being cold. But when dogs shake when they poop, it’s more of a ritual than anything else. Some people claim that dogs shake when they poop because of excitement. However, this is false. Dogs do this to regulate their own body temperature, as well as to relax their muscles. Dogs don’t have sweat glands, so they can’t cool themselves down like humans can by sweating.

With their shaking, they are trying to regulate their body temperature, which is why they often shake when they are too hot or too cold. Dogs also shake after pooping because their muscles have just been put under a lot of stress. They are trying to relax their muscles, which are still tense from the pressure. It’s a good idea to let your dog shake after pooping, as it will help them relax. You can also help cool your dog down by putting them in a cool environment.

2. Shifting Weight Back and Forth

When dogs shift their weight back and forth after they poop, it is often a sign that they are trying to get comfortable. Dogs are very careful about how they sit and where they put their paws. If a dog is shifting back and forth after they poop, it could be that they don’t have a good footing. They might also be trying to make sure that their back end is out of the way, so that they don’t make a mess in their bed.

Some dogs are very particular about where they drop their poop. Letting them shift around a little bit will help them become more comfortable and make it easier for them to graze. Most dogs are pretty careful about where they put their paws when they are pooping. It’s easy for them to get messy, so they need to be very careful about their positioning. If your dog is shifting their weight, try giving them a more comfortable spot to rest.

3. A Weird Dance Before Pooping

Dogs who do a dance before pooping are trying to get their blood flowing to their digestive system. This is because dogs have their digestive system reversed from humans. Dogs have their small intestine near their stomach. Their large intestine is actually near their back end. This is where dogs poop from. They have to get their blood flowing to their small intestine, so that they can digest their food properly.

Letting your dog wiggle around before they poop will help them get their blood flowing. Dogs have to have their blood flowing to their digestive system so they can digest their food properly. When your dog is doing a weird dance before they poop, they are trying to get their blood flowing to their digestive system so they can poop.

4. Why Does my Dog Spin in a Circle Before Pooping?

When your dog is about to poop, they might start spinning in circles — and it’s not just because they’re trying to be cute. Dogs do this because it helps them assess the risk level of their surroundings before pooping.
It sounds strange, but dogs have a very good reason for doing this. When your dog spins around before pooping, they do it to check for any potential threats that could endanger them while going to the bathroom. Spinning around helps the dog get a 360-degree view of the area and detect any potential predators or other dangers lurking nearby. This behavior harks back to when their relatives were wild dogs and their lives may have very well depended on keeping a keen look out at all times.

5. Heavy Sniffing

If your dog is sniffing with a more focused and intense breath than usual, she could be trying to smell out the perfect place to go. Since poop has a distinct odor, dogs use their keen sense of smell to find a good place to poop. If your dog is sniffing the ground more intently than usual and then looks away, your pooch could be looking for a good spot to go. Even though it might seem like your dog is getting itself worked up over nothing, sniffing the ground like this is a normal thing for dogs to do when they need to poop.

6. Stretching

If your dog has been pacing around and suddenly stops to stretch, she could be trying to give her bowels a nudge. Many dogs stretch their bodies out when they need to poop, like a human would stretch their calves before running a marathon. Stretching can be an indicator of other things too, like wanting attention, being cold or being in pain. So, if your dog stretches and doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort, it might be a sign that she needs to go to the bathroom.

7. Light Sniffing

If your dog starts to lightly sniff the ground, she could be hunting for something to poo on. If your dog is circling around, sniffing the ground and then moving away, she could be trying to find the perfect spot to go. If your dog starts to sniff the ground more intently, like she’s smelling something and then looks away, then starts to move away, she could be looking for a good place to poo. Since dogs aren’t able to talk to you, this is something that you’ll have to be on the lookout for. If you notice your dog sniffing the ground and then suddenly walking away, it could be a sign that she’s about to poop.

7 Weird Things Dogs Do When They Poop
7 Weird Things Dogs Do When They Poop

In Conclusion

You’ve probably been there before. Your dog looks like he’s about to burst, and you know he’s going to do his business soon. But then… nothing happens. He either starts circling in circles or begins sniffing the ground more intently than usual. It seems that your dog is keeping his poop as a secret until the last possible moment. If you find yourself in this situation more often than not, don’t worry; it’s common for dogs to do weird things just before they poop.

All dogs are different and have their own peculiarities when it comes to relieving themselves, but most dogs follow similar patterns when they need to go including spinning around to check for threats. This is a trait handed down by many generations from when dogs were wild and being vigilant may have saved a dogs life.

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